NEW GUIDED MEDITATION CLASS - starts Fri 20th Sep 7:30pm

This NEW Guided Meditation class led by teacher Ashley Bowcock will help calm your mind, settle your body and find a softer focus to your day. During these guided sessions you will explore a variety of meditation practices which draw conscious awareness to the present moment via different channels such as breath, body, thoughts, senses, movement and environment.

Reflect, Relax, Rest.


"I've been interested in meditation for a number of years and have practiced a variety of methods, staying at ashrams in Thailand and India to develop my personal practice, learning how to teach and share meditation as a positive tool to help improve people's lives and wellbeing. My personal journey began with the realisation that I'm a huge over thinker who thinks myself into more stressful situations than were actually reality. For me meditation is a way to explore and understand my thoughts, quietening my mind and bringing myself to a more positive space, rather than letting my mind run on auto-pilot. I'm interested in helping people use meditation for a purpose that resonates with themselves. It's also nice to just help people relax after a stressful day in the constructed hustle of life. I have huge passion to share meditation techniques with others and see the positive impacts it can have on their lives. I look forward to meeting you all and spending time learning and relaxing together!"

- Ashley Bowcock

Summer Holidays Timetable

During the summer holidays we are trimming our morning schedule a little, so the Monday 10am and Wednesday 10am classes will be postponed for 6 weeks.

Classes Postponed

Mon 10am (29th Jul - 2nd Sep incl.)

Wed 10am (29th Jul - 2nd Sep incl.)

During this time, an Off Peak pass will be valid to register for any evening or weekend sessions. BothTuesday 6:45am&Thursday 6:45amearly morning sessions and Fri 9:30am classes run as normal.

Apologies for any inconvenience. Stevie

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GONG BATH with Junior Valentine 

Friday 5th July 7-8pm 

This immersive sound therapy has been around for thousands of years. Gong Baths heal through vibrational energy, stilling the mind and allowing the body to deeply relax, thereby reducing stress and freeing emotional blockages.

£15 1hr in advance (£18 on the day)

New Month, New Mission: plant more trees

Membership now includes an added benefit to the planet!

IMG_2483 (2).jpg

In our yoga practice we strive for inner balance, both physically and mentally, a peaceful nurturing of ourselves. But this also extends outwardly to our relationships with others, with our communities and with the earth as a whole. Trees are the lungs of our planet and we need a lot more of them! 

With this in mind all Hot Yoga Peckham Monthly Memberships (Tree, Cobra or Warrior) will now include a donation to the World Land Trust. The WPF are on a mission to plant one billion trees  to safeguard our planet against environmental degradation, restoring forests and granting sustainable livelihoods to impoverished populations in developing countries.

The price of your Membership will stay exactly the same with all the benefits you already enjoy… plus 100 more trees for the planet!

GONG BATH with Junior Valentine


GONG BATHS are a wonderfully healing sound therapy where gongs and sound bowls are played in a therapeutic way to bring about deep relaxation and release. Just lie down and let go as the sound waves permeate your body and mind.

✨Junior’s sessions are “about setting and holding space, connecting to the divine energy and allowing the gong recipients to feel safe and comfortable, so the process of sound healing and profound relaxation can begin.”✨

Please bring a pillow and blanket for extra comfort. Early booking is recommended!

Tickets £15 in advance (£18 on the day)