New Month, New Mission: plant more trees

Membership now includes an added benefit to the planet!

IMG_2483 (2).jpg

In our yoga practice we strive for inner balance, both physically and mentally, a peaceful nurturing of ourselves. But this also extends outwardly to our relationships with others, with our communities and with the earth as a whole. Trees are the lungs of our planet and we need a lot more of them! 

With this in mind all Hot Yoga Peckham Monthly Memberships (Tree, Cobra or Warrior) will now include a donation to the World Land Trust. The WPF are on a mission to plant one billion trees  to safeguard our planet against environmental degradation, restoring forests and granting sustainable livelihoods to impoverished populations in developing countries.

The price of your Membership will stay exactly the same with all the benefits you already enjoy… plus 100 more trees for the planet!