NEW GUIDED MEDITATION COURSE - introduction Fri 20th Sep 7:30pm

There’s a NEW 8 week guided meditation course to help calm your mind, settle your body and find a softer focus to your day. Over the duration of the course we will explore a variety of meditation practices which draw conscious awareness to the present moment via channels such as breath, body, thoughts, senses, movement and environment.

Reflect, Relax, Rest.

The course launches with a half price (£7) trial class on Fri 20th Sep 7:30-8;30pm.


"I've been interested in meditation for a number of years and have practiced a variety of methods, staying at ashrams in Thailand and India to develop my personal practice, learning how to teach and share meditation as a positive tool to help improve people's lives and wellbeing. My personal journey began with the realisation that I'm a huge over thinker who thinks myself into more stressful situations than were actually reality. For me meditation is a way to explore and understand my thoughts, quietening my mind and bringing myself to a more positive space, rather than letting my mind run on auto-pilot. I'm interested in helping people use meditation for a purpose that resonates with themselves. It's also nice to just help people relax after a stressful day in the constructed hustle of life. I have huge passion to share meditation techniques with others and see the positive impacts it can have on their lives. I look forward to meeting you all and spending time learning and relaxing together!"

- Ashley Bowcock