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FORREST YOGA Workshop with Amanda Hummingbird

Rise up with Hummingbird: Connect Heal Empower

In this life-affirming 2hr workshop, Amanda will be encouraging us to change our energy from within, connecting to the power and wisdom in our hearts.  A 30 minute Forrest Yoga ceremony and meditation will be followed by 90 minutes of powerful practice, ending with a sound healing savasana.

"We will be rising up together, raising our vibrations and connecting to the power and energy in our hearts. Connecting to love, compassion and gratitude will enable you to be a magnetic force for abundance."

Amanda Hummingbird

Amanda Hummingbird

"In order to begin to detach yourself from your emotional addictions and the patterns that are holding you back from creating the reality of your dreams, you must first change your energy from within." 

"Connect to the beauty of the present moment. When you become aware that you have a choice where you focus your attention and that you can choose to change that focus, then you begin to empower yourself in your own healing."

This is the second in a series of monthly workshops at Studio 54 with inspirational guest teachers. Come along and raise your vibration!