Stevie Jamieson Hot Yoga Teacher Gaia Studio Bussey Building Peckham JAGS Sports Club Dulwich

Customer Comments
”What a wonderful class - the studio is beautiful and warm enough for good practice without making me want to pass out. Stevie is a great teacher patient, relaxing and funny. I would recommend this class to everyone - the morning class in particular will zing you awake for the day!”
- Anonymous

“Great classes in a beautiful studio with great teachers! It’s a real workout and it challenges me. I feel amazing afterwards.”

“Good class, good setting and challenging. I felt pleasantly spaced out after class”
- Anonymous

"We had a great time thanks, undid all the hard work with drinks after! Really like your classes, they're much friendlier than other hot yoga places I've been to, it's good vibes in there. You do well to keep every class a little bit different too, enjoyed the Valentine's Day one doing inversions, and the music and lights. By far the best and friendliest hot yoga class I've found in London."

“A huge amount of the magic of your classes is your teaching ... Your classes are relaxed, and positive and fun and you encourage us not to be competitive with each other, only to push ourselves. There are jazz hands as well as deeply focused practice. And you are always telling us to smile. So much London yoga is either terrifyingly competitive or taken by disinterested spin class teachers that these things make your classes special.”
- Alice x

"I was on a massive yoga high! I absolutely loved my first ever Hot Yoga Peckham experience, and particularly liked the fact that I was still getting my heart rate up and not having to focus as much on technique - it really made me feel as though I was getting a good workout. I felt great after the class and couldn’t wait to sign up for a course. All my yoga preconceptions had gone out of the window. If you’re new to yoga and are looking to try and increase your flexibility and strengthen muscles whilst still getting a good workout, I’d highly recommend Hot Yoga Peckham." 
- Sharan

“Have really enjoyed your yoga classes – especially the wise, calming and funny words. Yoga has been a revelation to me ... exercising the body and the mind ... putting me back in touch with my body as I grow older ... learning to respect it and be happy in it. All your pupils think you are a great teacher – please keep up the good work you do!”
- David

“It’s a dream! I’m going to do it every week!”

“That was exactly everything I wanted out of a Hot Yoga class”

“I feel like a new woman. I feel the best I’ve felt all week!”
- Anonymous

“Such a brilliant class. I’ve just got to stop telling people about it, otherwise you’re gonna need a bigger studio!” 

"What an amazing class last night. I came in all tired and stressed, went home feeling refreshed, relaxed and happy. Wish I could do it every day!! It makes me feel amazing...when I get home I feel fantastic. This is something else"
- Giorgia

How does HOT YOGA make you feel?

"Fantastic, happy, chilled"

"Rejuvenated & powerful!"

"De-stressed, warm and glowing"

"Really like the mix of spirituality and exercise"

"Energized and set up for the day"

"Invigorated, happy, relaxed, more patient and positive"

"Feel fantastic!!"

"Deflects your mind & resets your goals and body"

"Relaxed, serene, at peace"

"Calm, relaxed, tired"


"Love it. It makes me feel stronger, leaner and longer. Ha!"


THANK YOU to everyone who has given any comments or feedback